Top Local Microbreweries

Top Local Microbreweries

Michigan is known for being mitten-shaped, surrounded by fresh-water lakes, and for the automotive industry. In recent years, this great state has begun to make a name for itself in the microbrewery industry. Summers in Michigan are great for hanging out with friends and family at the beach, the park, up North, road tripping, or going out on the town to explore the many microbreweries! We’ve got a list of our ten favorite Michigan microbreweries for you to peruse:

Bell’s Brewery Inc; Galesburg, MI

Bell’s is one of Michigan’s premier crafters! They started small, making beer in a soup kettle, and now they’re producing beer that’s available across many states. In fact, Bell’s is the biggest Michigan beer producer! But don’t worry, their success hasn’t led to a drop in quality of their product. Bell’s Brewery Inc still pours the same amount of love and dedication into every barrel as they did back in 1985.

Odd Sides Ales; Grand Haven, MI

Fairly new to the microbrewery scene and relatively small, Odd Sides Ales has all the charm that it’s larger competitors are losing. This small bar is regularly packed and offers 15 brews on tap. A local favorite is their Grapefruit Beer or their Hipster Brunch Stout (a smoky blend of maple, coffee, and bacon). Each beer at Odd Sides Ales is completely unique from the others. You’ll want to try them all! 

Right Brain Brewery; Traverse City, MI

This microbrewery is infamous for their Pig Porter, but don’t knock their other blends. Right Brain Brewery, has innovative brews using ingredients like lavender tea, vanilla beans, or beets and they craft brews inspired by pies! Most impressively of all, though, is the fact that none of their beers use extracts, something that’s incredibly difficult to pull off successfully.

Founders Brewing Company; Grand Rapids, MI

Founders is up there with Bell’s on the list of veteran microbreweries in Michigan. They’ve been around for 20 years, honing their craft and finding success in the mainstream. Founders’ hard work and dedication to creating unique, brash beers would go one to earn Grand Rapids the title of Beer City USA! It’s actually what jump started Michigan’s reputation as a legit microbrewery state. 

Short’s Brewing Company; Bellaire, MI

Short’s is a Michigan Exclusive. The drafts at Short’s are a local secret and beer enthusiasts from around the country make the trip to Bellaire, MI for a taste. This microbrewery has 20 drafts on-tap and they have the most knowledgeable staff of any Michigan microbrewery. You’ll taste the passion and dedication in every sip.

Kuhnhenn Brewing Company; Warren, MI

Quality beer and ambition come together at the Kuhnhenn Brewing Company. Winner of many World Beer Cup competitions and Great American Beer Festivals, Kuhnhenn’s is aiming to become one of the finest craft beer makers in the world. When the beer is as good as it is at Kuhnhenn’s, that seems like a pretty attainable goal.

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales; Ann Arbor, MI

While Jolly Pumpkin’s selection of sour beers may seem off putting at first, they are guaranteed to win you over with their rustic country charm! They have quite the selection of handcrafted beers as well as some of the best food of any Michigan microbrewery. The food at Jolly Pumpkin, from their Detroit pizzaria to their bar & grill in Traverse city, perfectly pairs with their brews.

Arcadia Brewing Company; Kalamazoo, MI

Arcadia Brewing Company is truly a unique microbrewery here in Michigan. They use UK ingredients and traditional brewing equipment to bring you an Olde English beer with an Urban-American flair. Believe it or not, the old-fashioned brewing technique is actually beneficial! It gives them time to slightly alter the brew during the process which results in a near-perfect and 100% hand-crafted brew every time. 

Dark Horse Brewing Company; Marshall, MI

You’ve probably heard of Dark Horse, even if you’re not from Michigan. That’s because this microbrewery got its 15 minutes of fame as the subject of its own History Channel documentary. Since then, Dark Horse Brewing Company has seen their beers stocked in many supermarkets. Don’t worry though; fame hasn’t gone to their head. Every bottle still proudly touts Marshall, MI as the true home of the Dark Horse.

Dragonmead Microbrewery; Warren, MI

It’s simply impossible to leave the Dragonmead Microbrewery disappointed. They have one of the largest and best list of brews available; and with 15 years and two Beer World Cup gold medalists under their belt, you’re sure to find something you love. Alongside their unique twists of nearly every beer conceivable, Dragonmead offers wines and, wouldn’t you know it, meads. There’s something for everyone at Dragonmead, so stop by for quality beers that the whole gang can enjoy!

Drink responsibly, and have fun!