Summer Cooling Tips for Your Feline Friends

Summer Cooling Tips for Your Feline Friends

Summer is in full swing here in Michigan, and it can get hot. Recently, we wrote up some tips on how to keep your pup cool during the summer heat and we didn’t want to forget about our feline friends this summer! Outdoor cats can get overheated just like dogs can, so here are some ways you can help your cat escape the heat.

Find a shady area, like a covered porch or some low lying shrubs, and place a comfy bed for your cat to rest on away from the sun.

Set out two bowls of water, one fresh and cool and the other frozen. This way your cat will have cool water right away and, as the frozen bowl will melt in the sun, cool water later in the day.

If you can’t set out two bowls, or while you are waiting for the second bowl to thaw, you can throw some ice cubes into your cat’s water bowl. This will not only cool it down, it will also draw your cat’s attention and maybe encourage them to drink more of the water. 

Should the temperature outside climb higher than 90° F, refill your cat’s water bowl every few hours. When water sits out in the heat it can start to smell funny to your cat and they may not want to drink it.

Allow air to move freely through your cat’s fur by brushing them every day, especially if they have long hair.

Do not tie, or otherwise confine, your cat to a spot with asphalt or concrete. These areas hold heat throughout the day; as a result these areas can get extremely hot and unsafe for your cat over extended periods of time.  

Grab a bag of frozen peas, or something similar, and wrap a towel around it. Place the wrapped frozen veggies in your cat’s bed so they can lie on it to cool down. 

Wipe your cat down with a damp cloth. If your cat doesn’t hate water, try spritzing them down with a spray bottle. However, most cats will tolerate a damp cloth better than the spray bottle. If that’s not quite enough, hold a cold compress to your cat’s neck. This should cool them off a bit more.

Stay cool out there this summer!