How to Prepare Your Home for Spring

How to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Whether the groundhog sees its shadow today or not, you should start prepping your home for the spring season. During the winter season, many areas of your home are neglected or simply not used as much due to your staying inside more than during summer. Getting your home ready, inside and out, for the warmer weather will let you enjoy all that spring has to offer when it arrives. If you space out these maintenance tips over the next few months, you’ll be set and ready to enjoy spring.

Work from the outside-in.

The harsh winter weather hasn’t been a friend to your home’s exterior, so you should start there. Take a look around your home, examining the caulking around windows and doors as well as any weather stripping. Replace old or cracked caulking and weather stripping. You should also check your home’s roof for broken or missing shingles or tiles. This would be a good time to clean your gutters and downspouts.


No, it’s not quite time to start planting flowers or watering your lawn, but it is time to make sure your garden hose and walkways are ready. Replace old or cracked hoses and clean away leaves, fallen tree branches, and debris from your sidewalks and plant beds. If the snow has melted in your area, you can take this opportunity to start planning your landscaping ideas and scheduling your lawn care maintenance. Pressure wash any concrete or paver areas as well as any vinyl siding, brick wall, and vertical surfaces on your home.     

Run a check on your HVAC systems.

Fall and spring are the two most important times to check your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems because they are the seasons right before any harsh climatic changes happen. During this time, make sure that your air filters have been replaced or cleaned. If you use disposable air filters, now is the time to stock up on new ones. Spring is a good time to check that air conditioner is in working order because it will be much less expensive to have it fixed than it will during summer.

Putting the final touches on your home.

Now is the time to clean your windows (inside and out), as well as your ceiling fans and fireplaces. Then, ensure your emergency systems all work. These are your home security system, fire alarms and extinguishers, and carbon monoxide alarms. You’d be surprised how many people forget to regularly check these! Fall and spring can serve as good reminders to do a system check.

Getting a jump on spring cleaning has many benefits.

It enables you and your family to enjoy the warm weather when it arrives and keeps your home in good condition as it ages. Spring cleaning is particularly important if you are going to be putting your home on the market. Potential home buyers look for a home that’s been well taken care of. If you’re worried you’ll miss something in your spring cleaning, you can hire a professional home inspector to check your home from top to bottom. Don’t put home preparations on hold this spring, the warm summer weather is on it’s way and you want to enjoy it!